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Discover the impressive work of KNUST engineering students and ongoing projects on the EWB-KNUST website, built by GreaterWorks. Our team of expert developers and designers created a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that also provides information on how to get involved with the EWB-KNUST community. Explore their website to learn more.

Website Development


Welcome to the Prayer House Church website, designed and built by GreaterWorks. Our platform showcases the church's mission, services, and events, and offers an easy way for members to get involved. With our user-friendly design and optimized performance, exploring the church's offerings has never been easier.

Mobile Application Development


Welcome to the Quester Health website and mobile app! As the builder, GreaterWorks is proud to have developed a platform that leverages technology to improve healthcare in Ghana. Our team of expert developers and designers worked together to create an intuitive and user-friendly experience for our client's telemedicine services. Through the Quester Health website and mobile app, patients can easily access quality healthcare remotely.

Website Development

CSR Conference Africa

GreaterWorks Technologies showcases its technical expertise and innovative approach through the remarkable website for CSR Conference Africa. Seamlessly integrating numerous features, the user-friendly interface, immersive resources, streamlined event management, vibrant online community, and cutting-edge news integration create a captivating and impactful digital presence.

Website Development


GreaterWorks designed a visually appealing and user-friendly website for AgricWealth, optimized for search engines and emphasizing the importance of agriculture. The website effectively communicated AgricWealth's message, allowing it to reach a wider audience and build a community of like-minded individuals. GreaterWorks played a crucial role in helping AgricWealth achieve its goal of promoting agriculture and improving the lives of individuals and communities in need.

Mobile Application Development

New Curriculum App

The new Ghana Education Service G.E.S teaching syllabus and Curriculum for all schools including basic, junior high schools, senior high schools, and others, To assist, teachers concentrate on the delivery of content and assist the learner. APP FEATURES : • OFFLINE MATERIALS • WAEC TIMETABLE • BOOKSTORE • FORUMS • DARK MODE

Website Development


Welcome to the website of PIWC Asokwa Church, skillfully designed and developed by GreaterWorks. The platform showcases the church's mission, services, and events, providing an effortless way for members to engage. With a user-friendly design and enhanced performance, exploring the church's offerings has never been more convenient. Join us online to discover, connect, and actively participate in the vibrant community of PIWC Asokwa Church through our meticulously crafted digital presence.

Website Development


ProReg is a cutting-edge website developed and designed by GreaterWorks, offering professional education for renewable energies in Ghana. The platform serves as a comprehensive hub where individuals can access high-quality training, resources, and insights in the field of renewable energy. With a focus on user experience and technical excellence, we have created an intuitive website that empowers learners to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the renewable energy sector. Join us on ProReg's website to embark on a transformative educational journey that will shape a sustainable future for Ghana's energy landscape.

Website Development

Amalgamated Grup

Amalgamated Grup is a stunning website developed by GreaterWorks, showcasing an array of architectural projects and works. With meticulous attention to detail, Their platform provides a visually captivating experience for visitors to explore and appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship behind each project. From residential designs to commercial spaces, the website serves as a portfolio to demonstrate the expertise and innovative approach of Amalgamated Grup. Visit their website to witness the fusion of artistry and functionality that defines our architectural endeavors.

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