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    Akua Broni Lane, Kotei, Kumasi, Ghana.

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    Getting the ball rolling

    How do I start a project or hire a development team?
    That is very simple! Contact the admin either via email, call or live chat and discuss your budget. You will get feedback from us as soon as possible and kick off on the development process.
    How do I know my idea is protected once I submit it via the online application?
    As a leading IT firm in Ghana with bespoke cyber-security solutions, we protect our clients' information and data and will never expose it to the public.
    How quickly can Greater Works Technologies develop my project?
    This is usually subject to the nature of the proposed project to be developed, the technicality and the volume of work at hand.
    Does Greater Works Technologies offer advisory services?

    We do offer technical advisory services that can help boost the productivity of your business with a range of tools in digital marketing and general IT solutions.

    Project support & maintenance

    Do I have a warranty on my project?
    You do, we offer a month free support and maintenance for project developed for you. After the free 1 month support , you could contact us to discuss the charges of maintenance and content management support we will offer.
    Does maintenance cover new development or features?
    No, maintenance is just to prevent threat, hack attempt and bugs from your project.
    How much support do I need after the project is completed?
    Little or no support as we would help simplify the management of the project.


    Your price is way over my budget, what we do?
    Talk to us and let's discuss your budget.
    How do I partner with Greater Works Technologies?
    Please send us an email concerning your interest and we will take it from there.
    How can I get your recent updates?
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